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Wisconsin AHEC Scholars is a two-year program designed to enhance and broaden a student’s healthcare training. Each year as an AHEC Scholar, you’ll participate in a combination of didactic and community-based experiential training in a Wisconsin rural community and/or with underserved populations. Learn more: 2022-23 Overview and Checklist 

Educational and training activities support the following six (8) Core Topics:

  • Interprofessional Education

  • Behavioral Health Integration

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Cultural Competency

  • Practice Transformation

  • Current and Emerging Health Issues

  • Virtual Learning and Telehealth

  • Connecting Communities and Supporting Health Professionals

We offer flexible pathways for students to complete their didactic and community-based experiential training each year.

AHEC Scholars Cohort

Each fall, WI AHEC accepts a new Scholars cohort ranging in size from 105-145 students. The Cohort will complete their first and second years on the same timeline and are referred to by the academic year of their start (e.g. 2021 Scholars cohort 4).

AHEC Scholars Stipend

AHEC Scholars students earn a $1,500 stipend over the course of their experience. Stipends amounts are distributed throughout the 2-year commitment at regular intervals, upon successful achievement of program milestones.

AHEC Scholars Academic Year

First-year AHEC Scholars will begin in the program in November 2022 with an Orientation. Returning second-year AHEC Scholars will begin in August with an Orientation for their final year in the program. The AHEC Scholars Academic Year ends June 3, 2023 for both first-year and second-year students. The full program lasts for a duration of two years, ensuring Scholars will complete 40 hours of online didactic training and 40 hours of team-based field placement or clinical rotation before the end of each Scholars Year (for a total of 160 hours over two years).


Regional Center Assignment & Groups

Each accepted Scholar will be matched to one of Seven Regional Centers: Milwaukee, Northeast, Northern Highland, Northwest, North Central, Scenic Rivers, or South Central. Regional Center assignment takes into account many factors including community need, Regional Center resources, and Scholar preferences reported during the application process.

Regional Centers support their group of Scholars to ensure successful completion of annual requirements and coordination of team-based field placements or clinical rotations. In many cases, a Scholars’ Regional Center Assignment corresponds to the anticipated location of their anticipated clinical rotation location (e.g. a Scholar anticipating completing their clinical rotation in Rhinelander, WI would be assigned to our Northern Highland Regional Center). Scholars will work with their assigned Regional Center to customize their field placement or clinical rotation each year, which may or may not physically take place within that Regional Center’s geographic area.


What are the eligibility criteria?

All AHEC Scholars must be currently enrolled in a Health Professions Program of at least 18-24 months in duration by Fall 2022 (e.g., occupational therapy assistant, paramedic, doctor, pharmacist, nurse).


What are the benefits of becoming an AHEC Scholar?

An AHEC Scholar will have access to health care professionals, build professional relationships with faculty members at your school, explore career opportunities, and obtain a certificate of completion to include with your resume.

How much does it cost?

There is no tuition for the AHEC Scholars Program. For AHEC scholars participants the majority of the AHEC program community-based training activities the fees will be waved.

What if I have already started my degreed program, can I still apply?

If you have already started into your degree'd program and are interested in being part of AHEC Scholars, please contact your Regional AHEC center to discuss options of admittance (there can be exceptions to the eligibility requirements).

How do I choose a Region?

You will choose an AHEC region based on where you live, go to school or where you would plan to work when completed with your professional degree (Northwest is the best region, of course).

Will I work with and within a team?

Yes! You will join a cohort of interprofessional students living, working or going to school in your region.

When and how do I complete the online curriculum?

You can complete the online curriculum any time during the year, during your free time, from your home or office. There is no tuition for the AHEC Scholars Program didactic curriculum. You will be asked to create a UW account to access the online platform, these directions will be given to you once you are accepted into the Scholars program.

Where do I meet for Community- based Training or Learning Activities?

The in-person learning activities will happen through-out Wisconsin’s rural and underserved urban areas, either in your school’s region, or in another region in the state. You will have the opportunity to choose some of these training and learning events.

Do I need any prior experience?

No! Health innovation relies on interdisciplinary collaboration, so students from all health profession disciplines are welcome. Skills from your peers can help your work stand out from the crowd.

Application CLOSED for Cohort 6!
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This program challenged me, this program allowed for me to create genuine friendships and connections, and most definitely this program opened my eyes to new perspectives specifically regarding the deficits within medicine and rural communities.

AHEC Scholar Alumni, Julianna

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