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Get out of your comfort zones! 


Culture Shock is a new initiative from the Wisconsin AHEC program. In collaboration between Northwest Wisconsin and Milwaukee AHEC, This multi day program will swap AHEC Scholars students from their urban and rural communities with each other to explore careers, living, attitudes and beliefs in an environment opposite of their lifestyle, knowledge, and comfort. 


Program Goals:

  • Students will explore and discover how the healthcare industry varies between an urban and rural setting.

  • Discover cultural and behavioral differences between different environments. 

  • Break down stereotypes, assumptions, misperceptions, and fears that students have of drastically different regions (urban versus rural) from where the students live and have experienced life as they know it.

Participation in Culture Shock requires a $50 deposit for AHEC Scholars students, which will be refunded at the end of the program. All additional program costs will be provided at no cost to Scholars. 

Culture Shock 2023 will take place April 20-23rd!!! Stay tuned for the application to open.

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